Amanda Bynes: UNRETIRED!

Brace yourself Hollywood/Entertainment for a real BOMBSHELL: AMANDA BYNES HAS “UNRETIRED.” (Her word.) Phew. Good bombshell! As you may recall, on June 20th, 2010, Amanda Bynes (Arli$$, Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure) announced her retirement from acting. Over Twitter, duh, no duh. And now, five TORTUROUSLY LONG weeks later, she has taken to Twitter again to announce that she has UNRETIRED. Here’s a FUN FACT: Amanda Bynes was born in 1986. US Weekly reports:

On Friday the 24-year-old actress Tweeted “I’ve unretired.” She then plugged an ad for her next flick Easy A, due in theaters September 17.

It’s an about-face for Bynes, who announced just a month ago her plans to retire from acting immediately.

Total “about face.” As we all know, when Amanda Bynes says something over Twitter about her acting career, she almost always means business. Probably? The way that most 24-year-olds never get melodramatic as a cry for attention or change their minds capriciously over the course of a day, I’m sure. But this time: ABOUT FACE. In any case, this has been a real roller-coaster of human emotions, and I know a lot of us said some things at Amanda’s retirement “wake” at O’Halligan’s three weeks ago that maybe we wish we could take back. But unretiring is a lot easier than unsayingthosethings. Let’s just hope that Amanda Bynes is as good at forgiveness as she is at acting drumming up cheap publicity with meaningless announcements. (Thanks for the tip, aftershock, werttrew, Mary, and Jeff.)