“I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake” #Comic-Con2010

Holy moly! There’s a very reasonable chance that today will be my last day at/on Videogum/Earth. After seeing the crowds at Comic-Con yesterday (when the above picture was taken)–a day where literally NOTHING was happening–lined up to gawk at underlit glass cases full of literal garbage, and with the highlight of the next four days being the “The Women of Green Hornet Seminar,” I am not sure I will make it through in one piece. Just kidding! I’m already dead! I’m writing you this from heaven! It’s great. For one thing: NO LINES. Anyway, there will be more actual real news (?) and/or nerd-business to talk about soon, but for now, please follow @videogum, @gabedelahaye, and @maxsilvestri on Twitter for the most up-to-the-minute, I don’t know, stuff. I promise it will be worth it, or at the very least it won’t be not worth it? What else are you going to do? Live your life in the real world? Pssssssssssssssssssssh*.

P.S. last night J.J. Abrams and I ate at the same restaurant. Jealous? I got him to sign my Regarding Henry shooting script. Just kidding. Ghosts aren’t allowed to own shooting scripts. We’re told that shooting scripts keep us from “letting go.”

*Actual word from a comic book. Homage!