See You At Comic-Con 2010! (BONUS: BNPG)

I’m traveling to San Diego today for Comic-Con 2010, so posting is going to be light (read: very light). But the good news is that for the next few days, my good friend Max Silvestri and I will be covering this important event. It will be easy to tell us apart, because Max will be wearing his Sailor Moon costume, and I will be wearing my Sailor Saturn costume. In any case, hopefully it will be fun? I have never been and do not know quite what to expect. Hopefully we will not get murdered by some enraged nerds when we accidentally make a casual comment about the Predator’s shoulder-mounted energy cannon when obviously it is a shoulder-mounted plasma cannon. Or, God forbid, my single worst fear: calling something a katana when it is just some boring old sword. Yiiiiiiikes. Anyway, posting over the next few days is going to be erratic, but that’s part of the fun! You are going to be getting all the exciting news about Thor 2: Hammer Hurt Them, or whatever, AS IT BREAKS. Incidentally, if anyone actually knows what is going on at Comic-Con that we are missing, or if there is something you’ve heard about that you would like us to cover, please don’t hesitate to let us know (“the panel discussion on women in the paranormal investigation industry, please!”). And follow us on Twitter!

Since the “fun” doesn’t REALLY start until tomorrow, and since I am literally in an airplane right now (did I just incept your mind?!) how about a thematically appropriate Best New Party Game? Yes! Let’s do it!

Nerd Movies.

Yes. Duh. So, for example:

Shallow Hal-9000
IM Sam
The Last Unixcorn
You Can Count On 101011110101
TI-85: Judgement Day

You get it. Let’s see if we can get the thread on this post to break 1,000 comments. Lets let these nerds know we’re coming.

UPDATE: We can’t lose steam now, not when we are so close to letting these nerds know what’s what. So, in order to give everyone that extra push that we need to reach our goal, the game is being extended to include: #nerdmoviequotes. So:

“I want you to friend me as hard as you can.”
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a [modem sound]”
“I’m going to make him an animated GIF he can’t refuse.”
“You want the BlueTooth? You can’t HANDLE the BlueTooth!”

Ugh. Yuck! But REMEMBER: this is the most important thing any of us, or anyone in the world, has ever done. So.