Lindsay Lohan Goes To Jail OR: Animals Dressed For Work

As we speak, Lindsay Lohan is arriving at a Los Angeles courtroom where she will surrender herself to the law and begin her 90-day prison sentence. It is the anti-climactic end to a somewhat lackluster saga. The fact that Hollywood celebrities are spoiled, self-indulgent, delusional, self-destructive, disgusting, awful, empty shells of rotten garbage beasts is no surprise to anyone, and there are plenty of people who deserve to go to jail as much if not more so than Ms. Lohan. If anything, this is kind of a drag, because 90 days is not really THAT many days, and when she comes out there is a very decent chance that it will provide the moment of upswing she needs for the Lohan Rehabilitation Tour of 2010. America loves to build them back up after it loved knocking them down. The point is: snore. Mean Girls came out more than 1,000 years ago. We’ve got other things going on. Besides, this isn’t even the most riveting celebrity gossip of the moment. There is a sixth Mel Gibson tape! Just go to jail already, lady. And by the way, you are being stripped of your “of interest” addendum.

That being said, maybe you guys feel like talking about Lindsay Lohan going to jail. I don’t know. Or MAYBE you want to post pictures of animals dressed up for a day at the office! It will be interesting to see which you decide.