POLL: Which Of These Upcoming Asian Horror Movies Is More Hilarious?

Which of these upcoming Asian horror movies is more hilarious: is it Toilet 105 about a haunted toilet that eats used tampons or something? Or is it Raped by Satan, which could be about anything, really? Hmmm. Toilet 105, or Raped by Satan. On the one hand, you have Toilet 105. But on the other hand, you have Raped by Satan. This is going to be a tough one. Let’s go over the options one more time. Remember: the question is which is more hilarious. The first option is a movie about a haunted toilet called Toilet 105, and the second option is a movie called Raped by Satan. Take your time. Would you like to see some trailers? No problem.

Trailers for Toilet 105 and Raped by Satan after the jump:

Toilet 105 trailer, you guys:

Raped by Satan trailer, you guys:

Now that you have all the evidence, it is time to make your choice. Toilet 105? Raped by Satan? Both are hilarious, yes, but only one can be MORE hilarious.

The results of this poll will be irrefutable, and most of all, IMPORTANT. (Via Twitch and Twitch.)