Teen Korner: The Justin Bieber Fan Club

Yo veggie hot dogs,

Whether you are a cool cat who knows that you don’t have to smoke yucky cigarettes to be a cool cat, or a neat lady who just wants to be herself and not let anyone tell her who she can or can’t be, we all have something in common: we all love to join clubs. Diet Mr. Pibb. Nothing says “Hey, I’m not some lonely nerd who’s all alone that no one will ever love or want to be friends with” like being a member of a very cool club. Ask your teachers if your school as a Mathletes program!

You might also be interested in the Justin Bieber fan club. But first, you need to know the rules:

The Justin Bieber Fan Club is surprisingly violent. Be safe out there you guys, if you have not already killed yourselves. (Via EpicPonyz.)