This Picture Of Chace Crawford Is The Funniest

Hahahahahahahaha. ANYTHING FOR MY PRINCESS! This is a picture of Chace Crawford on the set of his hit TV show, Gossip Girl. As you can see, it is raining out, but luckily, Chace has an umbrella, and also a HUMAN SLAVE. I’ve actually seen this before? Like, celebrities who don’t hold their own umbrellas? What is that all about? It’s one thing to have someone drive you around in a car, or to spoon feed the caviar directly into your baby fish mouth, but holding an umbrella? Good grief. Let’s keep the comments section of this post limited to CELEBRITIES ONLY and see if they can help explain what is going on.

Incidentally, Dlisted, who posted this picture in the first place, has other set photos from the same day in which Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are holding their own umbrellas. Come on, Chace Crawford. You may play a teenage wastrel on television, but it is time to be a MAN in real life. And as we know, being a man means holding your own giant rainbow umbrella when you are walking around the set of Gossip Girl. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

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