Eli Porter Finally Gets His Own Documentary

Let’s get one thing straight: Eli Porter is a hip hop legend, and it is laughable, LAUGHABLE, that it has taken this long for someone to put together a documentary about him. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW HIS STORY! Few MCs have their own internet meme, complete with Urban Dictionary definition and Facebook fan page. Does 50 Tyson have that? He does not. But there’s no point dwelling on the past. What’s done is done. Or more to the point: what wasn’t done is done now. For today we finally have a trailer for People’s Champion: The Eli Porter Story. Trailer after the jump.

Before you watch the trailer, though, make sure to watch the original Iron Mic Championship Round Two (posted on Videogum’s second day of existence!). And follow Eli on Twitter. And buy this shirt on Zazzle. (Just kidding about that last part.)

In your face, Winnebago Mayne. (Via ByronCrawford.)