Due Date Looks Due Great!

Due Date trailer, you guys:

The best part about The Hangover was Zach Galifianakis. No duh. (Oh, wait, what were you going to say? Mike Tyson’s annoying cameo? You’re wrong. The best part wasn’t Mike Tyson’s annoying cameo.) Still, he was underutilized in that movie. Now that he has been introduced to America, though, we can finally take the SHACKLES OFF (classic slave terminology used appropriately) and let him run free (he is the Amistad of comedy? [Yiiiiiiikes]). The point is: this movie looks good to me. I enjoy laughing and it looks like this will make me laugh. The end. (Or is it?!) (No, it is.) (Or is it?!) (It is.) (Eracism.) (OK, now it is.)