The Fourth Mel Gibson Tape

There really isn’t much left to even say at this point. The fourth installment in the Mel Gibson Audio Tapes 2010 is just as incredible as the last three. Once again, he makes horrifying blowjob demands (as you may recall, a previous highlight included the sentence “YOU SHOULD JUST SMILE AND BLOW ME, BECAUSE I DESERVE IT.”) This time he suggests that he should be blown before burning the house to the ground, which, admittedly, of the options in which those two activities could occur, is probably the smartest order? Don’t get me wrong, that is a terrible thing to scream into the phone at the woman who mothered your child, but we can all agree that suggesting you are going to burn the house to the ground and THEN expect a blowjob is just ridiculous.

Also, has anyone else noticed how Mel Gibson is clearly just an emotionally-stunted 12-year-old? Like, yes, these tapes reveal the diseased mind of a hateful human being, but if you were to strip the racism and violence away, Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive style, you would have the whiniest crybaby tantrum ever. Someone shut that baby up!

It’s funny how at no point during this rant did he ever seem to stop and think to himself, “maybe I should just NOT say this insane thing. Like, I’m sure I’m not being taped and no one will ever hear this, and there’s no fear of repercussion for flying off the handle right now, but some of the things that keep popping into my head sound COMPLETELY NUTS AND ALSO CRAZY and are just very obviously NOT SOMETHING YOU SAY TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR CHILD, so I will just take a quick second and come up with something else to say that is not the Mayor of Bonkerstown.” Or maybe he did think that, and then the very next thing he thought was “NAHHHH.” (Via Dlisted.)