I Spit On Your Grave Poster Is Strictly 4 The Ladies Assholes

Speaking of rape-rape, here is the poster for the remake of I Spit On Your Grave. It’s a modern update of the cult horror classic of the same name from 1978. (I’m sure this time around, there will be way more razor scooters and VitaminWater.) Of course, the film revolves around a lengthy gang rape sequence in which a woman is horrifically brutalized and then left for dead. BUT AT LEAST SHE LOOKS GREAT, RIGHT, LADIES?! Of course, this poster is not that different from the original poster, and one might try to make the argument that ultimately the rape victim gets her bloody, violent, “empowering” revenge. (You know how empowering it is to become a cold-blooded soulless killer after having your humanity fucked out of you by assholes?) But seriously, with this poster. I haven’t seen an aesthetic glorification of one of the worst crimes imaginable since the Lovely Bones poster reminded us of the quiet, natural beauty of CHILD RAPE. I wouldn’t kick this lady out of the forest for screaming crackers, AM I RIGHT, FELLAS? Woof. Awful. No, please, don’t bother, I will show myself to jail. (And then I will ask the warden to get me a copy of this poster as a reward for good behavior and use it to cover up the hole I burrow in the cell wall to make my escape.)

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