Oh Perfect, A Twilight Parody From The Scary Movie Dudes

Vampires Suck trailer, you guys:

This looks even worse than Disaster Movie! I’m not saying that the current vampire phenomenon doesn’t deserve some good-natured ribbing, because it does. Good-natured rib away! But the Scary Movie dudes seem to be wearing their references a little thin. “Finally, someone brave enough to blow the whistle on Big Alice in Wonderland.” Remember when Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland came out and everyone was just like “GOD, HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT BEFORE SOMEONE SATIRIZES THIS BUT NOT WITH A REAL SATIRIZATION JUST A CHEAP, VIOLENT VISUAL GAG THROWN IN TO FILL SPACE?!” The answer is however long it took for them to write this movie: 30 seconds? 20 seconds? Whatever. This is going to make a gagillion dollars. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are looking down on us from their private helicuzzis and laughing and laughing. Fair enough. AT LEAST SOMEONE IS LAUGHING IN THIS THE SITUATION FROM JERSEY SHORE. (Homage.)