Audio Of Mel Gibson’s Racist Rant Available For People Who May Have Been On The Fence With The Whole “Mel Gibson Is A Nightmare” Thing

Over the weekend, the actual audio tape of Mel Gibson’s notorious nightmare rant in which he told the mother of his child that she looked “like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault,” was leaked to the public. Oh boy. It really is terrible to listen to. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I found the transcript of what he said THOROUGHLY CONVINCING. I didn’t really need the incontrovertible proof. “Maybe the way he said ‘pack of niggers’ was, like, sarcastic, and you could tell he was joking. A lot of times on the Internet you don’t get a sense of TONE.” Nope. No. Not joking, turns out. The only nice thing about this story is that it does seem like Mel Gibson is going to actually suffer the consequences of a lifetime of hateful behavior, and the reason I say that is nice is not because it’s enjoyable to watch other people’s lives fall apart, which is always unfortunate, but because it sort of makes the world momentarily feel like it’s spinning on an axis that makes sense. You know, as opposed to an upside-downy goofball axis where someone with a blood-alcohol level of 1000% can go on an anti-Semitic sugar tits rant and be back at their Malibu dream house by dinnertime, making plans with their agent for the next 10 million dollars to be wired into their account for playing make believe. This way is better.

And how happy are Christian Bale and Alec Baldwin this week? “Our angry meltdowns are terrifying incarnations of overblown ego run amok, but at least they are racial-epithet FREE!” Answer: very happy, as always. They’re self-satisfied millionaires! Terrible Mel Gibson audio that you should not listen to but you can listen to if you want because you’re an adult, after the jump:

I liked it better last week when the first thing we came back to after the weekend was Double Rainbow. And this does not help. (Audio via HuffingtonPost.)