Paul Giamatti Shows The Celebrity Kids How The Celebrity Adults Photobomb

Enjoy your goofy-faced surreptitious photobombs of two unwitting teenagers at some Montreal hookah lounge, Michael Cera. Paul Giamatti is here to show you how the adults do it. Straight up photobombing OTHER CELEBRITIES.

–Someone in 1997

Obviously this was taken at some fancy hot shot Hollywood party for Sideways, which came out before Michael Cera was even BORN. I’m not even sure the Internet EXISTED in 2005. Paul Giamatti doesn’t photobomb for pageviews or FACEBOOK ADDS, he does it purely for the sport. You are caught in his trap, Thomas Hayden Church and Sandrah Oh, and now he is just toying with you. I do like to think that Thomas Hayden Church and Sandra Oh have spent the past five years working hard to make sure no one ever saw this photo, and that they are at their Hollywood mansions right now reaming out their lawyers. Sorry, fools. THE TRUTH IS OUT HERE. You got photobombed. Paul Giamatti photobombed the shit out of you. (Via ThisIsPhotobomb.)