Tommy Wiseau Continues To Be A Complete Lunatic In The House That Drips Blood On Alex

Tommy Wiseau is a lunatic. We know that. But in case for some reason you thought that he had stopped being a lunatic at some point, there is now a teaser trailer (after the jump) for his new short film, premiering this fall on-line, which reminds us that he is DEFINITELY still very much a total lunatic. The House That Drips Blood on Alex, in addition to being one of the best names for anything ever, is some kind of horror film or something? Perfect. Tommy Wiseau is pretty terrifying on his own when he is just trying to be normal, so I can only imagine the LIVING NIGHTMARE that is Tommy Wiseau actively trying to be scary. If it’s anything like this trailer (after the jump), the answer is: VERY LIVING NIGHTMARE.

Yikes. Yuck. Can’t wait!