Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

For a short week, this was actually one of the “newsier” weeks in awhile, at least as far as OUR KIND of news is concerned. Obviously, our lives have been straight DOMINATED by one thing in particular. But double on top of that all the way, there was Lindsay Lohan’s space jail sentence, Rachel Bilson’s self-absorbed media circus visit to the gas station, the announcement of the 2010 Emmy Award nominees, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” Day, Bruce Willis released his cologne line, and, of course, Jeremy Piven finally set the record lies about his lies, like a liar. And the week’s not even done yet! This weekend: Predators, and the World Cup final. So intense. What does it mean?!

After the jump, the five Highest Rated Comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated Comment, the winner of the Ladies of the Daily Show Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice:

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


Chris Trash | Jul 2nd Score:94

Prediction for next week’s Balls: Steve Winwood will A) Get Lowest vote or B) Someone talking about Steve will make the Top Five. Either way I’m happy.

Also I present another episode of Steve Winwood Classics:

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#4 werttrew | Jul 6th Score:95

Whoa, that’s a full set of babes. All the way. Thirty babes!

Oh my god, they’re 30 babes! All the way. Whoah. That’s so intense.

Whoah. Man. Wow. Whoah. whoah.


OH MAH HAH WOW! WOOO! Yeah! Oh my god look at that!

It’s starting to even look like they’re TRIPLE babelicious!

Oh my God it’s full on! Thirty babes all they way across the set!

Oh my God! Oh my God!


Oh. God.


What does this MEAN? Uhhh. Oh my God. Uhhhh. Oooh. Oh God they’re so pretty.

Oh my God they’re so bright and vivid.

Aaaahhhh!! Ahhhh!! Ahhhh!!

They’s so beautiful!



Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! They’re 30 babes. ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN!


Oh my God! Oh my God!

what does it mean?? Tell me!


Too much! Tell me what it means.

*dog barks*

*gasping for breath*

Oh my God. It’s so intense.

Ahhh. *sigh*

Oh my God.

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#3 Notsewfast | Jul 2nd Score:96
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#2 Mans | Jul 2nd Score:99

The sentence is just very ambitious and misunderstood.

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#1 Chareth Cutestory | Jul 6th Score:371

What a weird looking kitchen.

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[Ed. note: As you can see, there is no special placement for the winner of this week’s Women of the Daily Show caption contest because Chareth Cutestory also had the top rated comment for the whole week (maybe of all time? 371 is so many!) and it is a funny comment, so let’s give it the recognition it deserves. Congratulations, Chareth Cutestory. You earned it. Also, I had not seen Notsewfast’s M. Night Shyamalan IMDB comment, but it is amazing, and I actually had to go look to see whether or not it was true (NO SPOILERS, TWIST ENDING!) and in either case it would have made a good Editor’s Choice but instead will have to satisfy itself with fourth best comment of the week, because that is how ratings and science work. FACT.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 the dust collector | Jul 6th Score:-50
really?! that show is like a golf cleat in the eye + bullets….i’m pretty sure buffy makes you sterile. how long did you watch….oh wait, nevermind. it doesn’t make you sterile. you just won’t get laid if you watch it
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[Ed. note: You could have predicted this one. Just in general, people don’t like to hear someone say that a thing they enjoy and that feels important and valuable to them is garbage, but it seems to me like Buffy fans are especially sensitive about this. Perhaps because they have to hear it so often? I’m not saying that as any kind of political endorsement of either position. I have no opinion. I’ve never seen the show, but I have friends who love it, and I’ve always been curious, I just don’t have the time. Also I am 103 years old. But it seems like a show that is pretty open to accusations of being garbage, at the same time that it is a show that is fiercely beloved. So, what I’m saying is, you could have predicted this one.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

huckabeast | 9:56am Score:8

This dude definitely makes my : ) go all the way across the sky.

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[Ed. note: Like a double rainbow itself, it is only a matter of time before the excitement over Double Rainbow Guy fades into nothingness. And perhaps that is how it should be. Just because a pleasure is ephemeral doesn’t make it any less valuable. But what a pleasure he has been! Let’s just be here in this moment with him, no rainbo.]