Weirdly, Facebook: The Movie Really Does Look Like It Is Going To Be Great?

After the jump, you can see the second teaser trailer for the upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network. (And you can see the first teaser trailer here.) There is not much new in this second trailer. Mostly it is the same quotes (“Let’s sue him in Federal court!”) against a dynamic background but no actual footage or anything. And yet, I am starting to think this movie is going to be really good. Which is weird. I mean, David Fincher directed it, and he is very good at directing things. And Aaron Sorkin wrote it, and he is very good at writing things (for the most part). Jesse Eisenberg is in it, and he is good at being in things. And Rashida Jones is in it, and she is very good at marrying me. So I guess it make sense. But at the same time, it IS a movie about Facebook. And Facebook IS a boring website. And websites themselves are boring. And so you would assume snore. The Internet is not a good dramatic subject. Then again, neither is writing articles for the New Republic. Could this be OUR GENERATION’S Shattered Glass?!

Second compelling teaser trailer for Facebook: Curse Of The Black Pearl, you guys:

See? It looks good. Weird.