Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

[In this feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

Look, I don’t want to harp on this, and this will definitely be the last time I mention it, but losing power during a record-breaking New York City heatwave is really something else! It is one of those occasional experiences that really reminds you how perilously life-as-you-know-it hangs from a frayed thread over the sweltering abyss. I mean, let’s be honest: I’m doing great. I took a car service to a friend’s house and slept on an air mattress DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF a working air conditioner. And the absolute worse case scenario would have been that I got a bad night’s sleep in the bed that I own under the roof that has no holes in it, without the need for malaria netting, and with plenty of clean drinking water to keep myself from dying readily available just a few feet away in the fully functional and hygenic toilet that I don’t have to share with anyone else in the village. But, I think you know what I mean. The overwhelming sense of absolute powerlessness in the face of forces beyond your control is a stark reminder of how much we all take for granted. I’m sure that by tomorrow, or even just maybe later this evening, it will be back to business as usual when I step up to the counter at the Diamond Shoe Store and demand that they give me a full refund, and when asked what the problem is, I will respond: TOO TIGHT. But for now, I am a man filled with the spirit of humility and appreciation. Stay hydrated out there, you guys!

While on the subject of people who own beds and use the bathroom, what is up with Topher Grace?

It is funny to think how just a few years ago, Ashton Kutcher was the Taylor Lautner of the world, and Topher Grace was his brooding, intellectual, Robert Pattinson-y counter-point. That’s not exactly right, but it’s kind of right. And it is in that spirit that I offer an update on Topher Grace’s upcoming movie, translated into the teenagerese of his recent past: IT’S HERE! PREDATOR’S IS ALMOST HERE! OH MY GOD, SNAP BRACELETS, CORDLESS TELEPHONES, SMASHING PUMPKINS, A BLESSEDLY BRIEF RETURN OF BELLBOTTOMS, CRYSTAL PEPSI. PREDATORS! Predators. July 9th. Never forget. This week’s post will be brief, as I’m sure everyone needs to log out and head down to the movie theater with their sleeping bag and wait in line for Fandango to open.

So, has a couple new high-definition stills of Topher in his role as Edwin in the movie Predators (in theaters July 9):

Yup. He is definitely in the movie. Just in case anyone was unsure, or concerned his part had been edited out.

Meanwhile, producer Robert Rodriguez gives an interview to and had this to say about the casting of Topher Grace in Predators (July 9):

A character very out of place among the heavy-hitters of death who have been hurtled onto this strange world is Edwin, a doctor with a mysterious past.

Rodriguez elaborates: “You need to have a character that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the team, so that character can become the eyes of the audience. The audience would not be able to identify with the other characters because they’re professional killers.”

“The character of Edwin was the last one that was cast, because it was really hard,” addded producer Elizabeth Avellán. “You have to find an actor who can sell that you don’t know why he’s here on this planet. Topher Grace is that all-American boy. He’s a really great choice because audiences don’t see him as a threat.”

Topher Grace is that all-American boy! Audiences don’t see him as a threat! Uh oh. Something tells me that Topher Grace isn’t going to be anything like the all-American boy AT ALL. And that in the end it is going to turn out that he is VERY MUCH A THREAT. Robert Rodriguez played it pretty cool, I guess, but he could have offered a SPOILER ALERT. He could have just said “Now I am going to give pretty blatant and obvious hints about the way in which Topher Grace’s character is not what he might first appear to be.” That’s all.

Here is Topher Grace himself discussing his work on Predators July 9:

According to IMDB, two people wrote the script for this movie, and neither of them are Robert Rodriguez, but that’s a fair mistake. Topher is an actor, not a facts memorizer or even facts knower. That’s why it’s called the Internet Movie Database and not the Topher Grace Movie Database. Although, I would suggest that Topher Grace take my advice (see above, Topher) about giving viewers a fair warning when he is about to give a big SPOILER about his character being different than at first we might have assumed, due to his not looking like a dangerous guy (he’s wearing a sweatshirt!). That being said, doing stunts does sound fun. Who doesn’t like running? Look out! There’s a camera chasing you! Hahaha. Let’s break for lunch. (That’s me impersonating a movie.)

Of course, as with any movie, early reviews are coming in before the movie is released in theaters. Here is one from Azrael Coladilla:

Adrien Brody is the bad ass guy here, his character like a soldier or mercenary, a perfect match for the Predators as they have the same nature, he got some scenes like showing some muscles and running crazy and shouting like Arnie’s. I like his character, he will be in the top of my list after Arnie’s Predator movie. Alice Braga is one bad ass chick too, I can’t comment more here, but just dont expect some sexy stuff in the movie, its great to see a girl carrying a high powered sniper rifle in the jungle. Topher Grace as the wimpy nerd doctor is a funny character in this film, you will enjoy some of the dialogues and funny moments, his character is like your refreshment if you got some trouble breathing in one of the action scenes. Laurence Fisburne major appearance gave a big clap to some audience, you will start to question your self on what is his role here. Danny Trejo aka the machete guy in Desperado hahahaa, still the bad ass guy we know, but the different is that he carries 2 submachine guys and not a big knife.

We will enjoy some of the dialogues. He is our refreshment! But just don’t expect some sexy stuff in the movie.

Of course, outside of Predators theaters July, Topher Grace is a human being, alive in a complicated world. And the website ChaCha tries to answer some of the burning questions Topher’s fans might have about him.

Good question. Good answer. That’s none of your business, people. What have be his political beliefs don’t are any affect whatsoever on his performance in a movie or TV show. Come on. Is nothing private anymore?

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to [email protected]. See you next time!