Operation: Endgame Looks Like The Best Straight-To-DVD Movie Ever

After the jump, I have posted the trailer for Operation: Endgame, an action-spoof comedy about two teams of government spies out to destroy each other. Sure. The best part about Operation: Endgame, though, is that it stars, like, everybody. Here is the basic cast of Operation: Endgame:

Rob Corddry, Zach Galifianakis, Jeffrey Tambor, Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk, Emilie De Ravin. Also: Maggie Q and Ving Rhames. Also that guy whose been in a ton of stuff but it’s not like I really know who he is (Tim Bagley).

Let’s put it this way, if Operation: Endgame was a team in an Olympic sport, I might actually be interested in watching the Olympics for once! Instead, though, Operation: Endgame is a movie that has been unceremoniously dumped onto DVD. Making it, sight unseen, the best straight-to-DVD movie of all time. That might not be saying much, but it looks pretty good, and besides, we take our accolades where we can in this world. Isn’t that right, Operation: Endgame.

Operation: Endgame trailer, you guys:

Sorry, The Land Before Time 4: Journey Through The Mists. You are now the Second Best Straight-to-DVD Movie Ever.