Let The Right One In: Now With More Rock N’ Roll!

The American remake of Let The Right One In, Let Me In trailer, you guys:

More vampires? More vampires. Of course. Always Be More Vampires. Coffee is for vampires. I suppose since this is a remake, it is grandfathered in. Also, the original, Let The Right One In was really good. So you can’t be (TOO) mad at this. But “Needs more Apocalypse Rock” is definitely what I said the whole time I was watching the original. “This is too interesting and subtle and moody. It needs some fucking DICK ROCK.” My friends were like, “Can you stop talking through the whole movie? It’s kind of ruining it for us.” And I was like “Read the subtitles, you don’t need to hear this. I wish you couldn’t. I wish you couldn’t hear anything over the awesome soundtrack that is just the kind of thing I would listen to on my headphones before DRIVING A TANK INTO A WAR.” So, thank you, remake.