Best New Party Game 27: Patriotic Movies

We are just hours away (lots and lots of hours) from the most important day of the year for everyone in the world: July 4th. This is, of course, the day when America celebrates being the best country there is, and all around the world other people toast us and wish us well. “You did it, guys,” is what they say. “We are all so proud of you!” Who’s going to church? Just kidding. EVERYONE IS GOING TO CHURCH! But after church, what then? Fun! And honor! Patriotic Movies!

Founding Fathers of the Bride
Police Academy 4th Of July
The Last House of Representatives on the Left
The Democratic Tenenbaums

There is just no better way to be an engaged citizen who loves but is not afraid to criticize his country while pursuing the dream of owning a gigantic car than to play this game.