Duh Aficionado Magazine: We Live In An Embarrassing Time

We have a lot of fun with the Dales Peterson and Carlys Fiorina and Tims James of the world. They make such hilariously ridiculous political campaign ads! The 2010 election, with its tea bags and its Arizona immigration laws and its Brown Shirt economic concerns is shaping up into the most deeply divisive election year in awhile, and that is REALLY saying something considering the past few election years! But now there is a new political campaign ad (after the jump) from Arizona congressional candidate Pamela Gorman that literally just features her SHOOTING GUNS at the word “TAXES.” Good Grief! This is getting embarrassing!

Regardless of where you fall on the ideological divide, even if shooting all the guns and not paying any of the taxes is exactly the lifestyle that appeals to you, I think you can agree that this most recent trend of angry, violent, hateful, fear-mongering, pandering, race-baiting, lowest-common-denominator BULLSHIT campaigning is seriously fucking embarrassing. Like, in 40 years from now, when we have to EXPLAIN this shit to our hover-grandchildren? “People would try and convince voters that they were the best qualified to represent them in the government by saying stupid shit that even they themselves didn’t believe, and then shooting a gun in a field.” This must be how the Germans feel when they have to talk about the Holocaust. “It was a different time.” Except that it’s 2010, not 1939. We have fucking iPads and heart transplant surgery now. And black people are allowed to go to college. (Although I guess that’s probably part of the problem right there, right, Pamela Gorman?)

Seriously, shame on us. But especially shame on Pamela Gorman. Shame on her so hard. (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)