Kristin Chenoweth Let The Actress In Her Take Over!

YESSSSSSSSSS! This tip was sent in last week, and somehow I kept forgetting to post it, which seems incredible considering what it is, which is a clip of Kristin Chenoweth guest hosting Live! with Regis and Kelly and sharing a story about HAVING DIARRHEA IN THE MIDDLE OF A BROADWAY PLAY. What was I so busy doing last week that I forgot to put this up? BEING AN ADULT? Get real, me. Speaking of having diarrhea in the middle of a broadway play, why was Kristin Chenoweth guest hosting? Is Pipa alright? Oh no! Could someone check on Pipa!!!!

Anyway, the clip itself, which I have posted after the jump, is not particularly exciting, except for the fact that it features an adult woman discussing her public diarrhea as if it was a normal thing that we’ve all agreed is acceptable and maybe even CHARMING to talk about on national television. What is she so giggly about? “That reminds me of a funny story!” Are you sure? Do you know what the word “funny” means? Seriously, these celebrities need to reevaluate the appeal of their anecdotes about losing complete control of their bodily functions in front of a paying audience. “Oh wait, is NOT telling this story an option? I didn’t realize that I was under absolutely no legal or moral obligation to share this disgusting story about my diarrhea with the world.”

Incidentally, I lied in the title of this post. Kristin Chenoweth did NOT let the actress in her take over. The exact opposite. If she really cared about her craft, she would have left the costume on and hit her mark. Total amateur hour. (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)