Finally, A Terrible Song About Cougars Called “Cougar”

Who knows why it has taken this long for someone to write a terrible song about cougars. Perhaps it is because cougars don’t really exist, and are just a media construct for frustrated magazine journalists desperately looking for a new, sexy angle after eight straight months of Top 10 Ways To Make Your Man Appreciate Your Arms lists. Perhaps it is because “cougars” is a slightly pejorative term to which very few people if any would ever self-ascribe unless they were getting paid “Courtney Cox Money.” And perhaps it is just because no one wanted to listen to a terrible song about “cougars,” because terrible songs sound awful. But whatever the reason was, those long, dark days are now behind us. For Nadine Sutherland has finally (FINALLY!) written (or at least performed) a terrible song about cougars. It is called “Cougar.” Cool name! And it is after the jump.

Nadine Sutherland is not a cougar herself, she just sings about them. Because she knows all about them? Nadine, of course, prefers men her own age (260). (Thanks for the tip, Claire.)