The YouTube Search Function Free E-Card Game: Father’s Day Edition

It’s always fun on a friend’s birthday to do a simple YouTube search for “Happy Birthday” and your friend’s name and to then send them the link as their e-card. For example. But the same is also true for Father’s Day. Just search for “Happy Father’s Day” and your dad’s name and you are sure to turn up an unexpected gem he will definitely love. (Promise. There is no way he will not love whatever weird video that someone else’s loving family actually took time to make for him that you spent 30 seconds searching for on YouTube based on a half-joking blog post on a site he has never heard of and never wants to hear of instead of putting actual effort into showing him some kind of genuine symbol of your love and respect.) What else were you going to do? Call him and have some tense, emotionally-withholding conversation about barbecue?

Better. Father’s Day 2010, you guys. Never forget.