Jeremy London Kidnapped!


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – A man has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping actor Jeremy London and forcing him to use drugs, the Riverside County district attorney’s office said Thursday.

Brandon Adams, 26, of Palm Springs, remained jailed after being arraigned Tuesday on five charges that include kidnapping and theft, said Michael Jeandron, a district attorney’s spokesman.

A statement from Palm Springs police said London, who appeared on TV’s “7th Heaven” and “Party of Five,” was kidnapped while changing a flat tire on June 10.

The 37-year-old actor told police that several men helped him and he offered them a ride home. Police said one man later pulled a gun, forced London to drive around, buy alcohol and take drugs.

London said he escaped but his car was stolen. Police later found it and on June 11 arrested Adams.

Oh wait. He’s fine. Relax, everybody, Jeremy London is OK! Also, arrested on June 11th? Everyone knows that June 11th was a week ago, right? Did the news have the week off, or something? Why is this only coming to light now? Also, no offense to Jeremy London or his loved ones, but WHAT? Why would a someone (much less “several men”, whatever THAT means) go to all the trouble of helping someone fix his car in order to rob him? Fixing cars is a drag, man! That is some Sawyer-brand long con shit is what that is. And holding a gun to someone’s head and FORCING THEM TO DO DRUGS? What is this, Training Day? King Kong apparently does have shit on Jeremy London. (Oof. TGIF.) Obviously, our prayers are with Jeremy London right now, but this is a weird news story! Grown men! Getting kidnapped in a resort town! Forced to buy alcohol (again, WHAT?) at gunpoint! The guy from Mallrats! I almost typed Jeremy Irons twice!