Best New Party Game 25: The Wire Mash-Ups

Between playing paintball with the cast of The Wire (sort of) last weekend, and this week’s Caption Contest, and today’s Toy Story/The Wire mash-up, it is clearly a week of The Wire mash-ups. So, let’s make a game of it! A party game! You should throw a party and invite people over and make them play this game! “This is a terrible party.” “Oh now, now my feelings are hurt!” That is a conversation overheard between you and a guest at your next party. Anyway, The Wire crossovers. This one is going to be tough, but sometimes LIFE IS TOUGH. So man up.

  • Marlo Stanfield of Dreams
  • Wee-Bey Watch
  • The Bunk Moreland Before Time
  • The Mr. Prezbone Collector
  • Whatever Happened to Baby Wallace
  • Pixar’s Re-Up

Time to hustle. Get that paper. Whatever that means.