The Only Thing Worse Than Ke$ha Is A Ke$ha Rip-Off

Uh oh. Have you guys heard of Kyrah? Apparently, she is the new Ke$ha. I mean, Ke$ha is already the new Ke$ha, and one would have hoped the only Ke$ha. But now there are two of her. “Don’t shoot, I’m the real Ke$ha.” “Don’t shoot, I’m the real Ke$ha.” “Better safe than sorry!” (Double gunshot.) Here is how the Sun UK describes her:

SHE’S got the sound to rival BRITNEY, the looks to rival a PUSSYCAT DOLL and the cheek to rival PARIS HILTON.

Haha. Yuck? I don’t think you could have a more unappealing description of a woman without the help of SCIENTISTS. What a cool artist. In the article linked above she tells lots of really neat stories about how sometimes she has been in the presence of people who are actually famous. One time, Paris Hilton got her kicked out of a nightclub! Cool! Another time, Hugh Hefner SAID SOMETHING TO HER! The only thing more interesting and awesome than that story is Kyrah’s music video:

Uh oh is right. (Thanks for the tip, GoldenFiddle.)