President Obama’s Oil Spill Speech Or A Deer Showering A Cat With So Many Kisses

Did you guys watch President Obama’s first address to the nation from the oval office last night? He was, of course, speaking about the whole “giant hell hole in the floor of the fucking ocean pumping out millions of gallons of thick, black death” thing. I meant to watch it, and had every intention of watching it, and then, you know, it was life and I jumped into life, so I didn’t end up watching it. It seems important during this unending environmental crisis with international implications that threatens to dismantle the President of the United States of America that I let everyone know where I am at in terms of watching stuff on TV, you know? At some point today I will watch it on-line, or read the transcript (I don’t know which one yet, but I should probably write a whole new post explaining whichever one it ends up being with a thorough description of how I made my decision). But apparently it was awful? Everyone is saying it was awful. That’s too bad. Because the fact that there is A HOLE IN THE OCEAN that is GUSHING SO MUCH OIL LIKE SO MANY GUSHERS, is already pretty fucking bad. We don’t really need bad speeches from disappointing presidents, too.

So, we can talk about that, if you guys want. OR, we can talk about the video I have posted after the jump in which A DEER SHOWERS A CAT WITH KISSES!


“Way to bury the lede, Gabe.”
— Arthor Ox Sulzenbarger

“Well, first I had to make sure everyone knew about how I didn’t watch a thing one time, Artoro.”
— Gabe.

— Ocean

“I’m going to kiss this cat to DEATH!”
— Deer

“I’m dead, but it was great!”
— Cat