SPOILER ALERT: Don Draper Definitely Going To Appear In Mad Men Season 4!

The EXPLOSIVE image above is the FIRST LOOK at the upcoming fourth season of Mad Men (premiering on AMC, July 25th). As you can see, Don Draper, Pete Campbell, and Roger Sterling will DEFINITELY be featured in the upcoming season. They will DEFINITELY continue to wear suits. And at least one of them will STILL smoke. The tumbler on the table suggests that there may be alcohol consumption in Mad Men season 4, but because the glass is empty, there is still NO WAY TO KNOW. Obviously, our thanks goes out to the Mad Men publicity department for leaking this image, but next time we would ask that they leak an image that doesn’t give SO MUCH away. Perhaps a close up of Bobby Draper sleeping. Or a pair of shoes that could belong to ANYBODY. (Via WarmingGlow.)