Someone Should Make A Reality TV Show About The Things People Will Do To Get A Reality TV Show!

Last week, the world was riveted (probably) to the near-tragedy of Abby Sunderland, a brave teenager who was attempting to break the record for youngest person to ever circumnavigate the globe in a sailboat alone. After months at sea, her ship lost communication in the Indian Ocean. She activated her distress beacon, and for two days it was unknown whether she was alive or dead. Then, miraculously (probably) she was rescued. It was a huge relief for the Sunderland family. And for the production company that is making a Sunderland Family REALITY TV SHOW. From the AP

LOS ANGELES โ€” A Southern California film production company says it is creating a reality TV show based on the family of Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old sailor rescued from the Indian Ocean last week while trying to sail around the world alone.

Magnetic Entertainment says on its website the show, titled “Adventures in Sunderland” will focus on how the young sailor’s parents have encouraged her and her six siblings to become world-class adventurers.

Sunderland’s father, Laurence Sunderland, confirmed the deal in a story published Monday in the New York Post. The Post reports that filming began four months ago.

Ugh. UGH! It would be one thing if this national news story brought the Sunderland family to the attention of Hollywood producers who decided they would make great subjects for a reality TV show. Even that would be questionable because it would basically be exploiting the near-death of your 16-year-old daughter in order to participate in an intellectually bankrupt entertainment structure based on emotional manipulation, schadenfreude, and instant gratification. But people have done worse. Right, Hitler? But filming began FOUR MONTHS AGO? Who isn’t doing what they are doing in order to get a reality TV show at this point? I’m probably being filmed right now. If so, I would like to VOTE MYSELF OFF THIS ISLAND. (Thanks for the tip, Tyler.)