Being White Is Hard: Somewhere

Trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new movie, Somewhere, you guys:

The trailer should be the whole movie. I feel totally satisfied by that trailer. It was visually beautiful. The song was nice. I understood the arc of the story, in which a down on his luck, sexually wanton actor is forced to care for his estranged but loving young daughter, and it opens his heart to a whole new world of emotional fulfillment. The end. Goodnight. R.I.P.

Anything more than this, and I’m going to have to start thinking about the autobiographical details that Sofia Coppola inevitably inserted into the film, as she does with all her films, and then I am going to be watching a two-hour long, beautifully-filmed, delightfully-soundtracked rumination on the pains of growing up rich and famous (Sofia Coppola’s favorite and ONLY subject, with the possible exception of The Virgin Suicides, although the Lisbon sisters were growing up in Grosse Pointe, which is at the very least upper-upper-middle-class). She does it well, but at a certain point it is a little exhausting. We get it! Everyone gets sad, even people who eat ice cream in bed at the Chateau Marmont where they live. Even Marie Antoinette, sometimes!

Even people whose dad directed some of the most iconic and important films of the 1970s and named a champagne after them.

This guy definitely knows what she is talking about.