“Fix The Oil Spill,” Says Sexman

Look who finally broke his LEGENDARY silence about the worst oil spill in United States history*. Headphones UP:

You have to give Sexman some credit for this one. Because even though I would much rather here him talk about how Jaden Smith doesn’t use enough kill-moves in The Karate Kid, or whatever, he does have a point: the engineers should definitely fix the oil spill and stop sitting around thinking they are so smart. Have the engineers even seen the photos of the birds covered in oil? Fix it, engineers! But also, I just appreciate someone who complains about something OTHER THAN HIMSELF.

Sexman: 1
Coppercab: 0

(Thanks for the tip, Brandon.)

*Easily the most depressing thing about the oil spill is the inevitable “United States history” qualifier used in every news report. Because that means it continues to not be the worst oil spill in the history of, you know, ALL OF THEM. Yikes.