The ‘Gum Bowl: The Outtakes Reel

Last month’s ‘Gum Bowl, which pitted comedians and indie rock musicians against each other in a bowling tournament for charity, was a huge success. It was so successful, in fact, that we decided to tease you for weeks, WEEKS, with videos of what happened. Just kidding. We were not teasing you. Sometimes that is just how things work out when everyone is very busy scouring the Internet for the latest information on what is going on with Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet. Well, first we had to look up what a SCRAM bracelet was. But once we had done that, we were ready to find out what was going on with LINDSAY LOHAN’S SCRAM BRACELET. Don’t worry, we will continue to bring you the LATEST information on this IMPORTANT story.  Anyhow, now that you have met the bowlers, and watched the first round of the tournament, and watched the championship match of the tournament, it is time to watch a hectic compilation of people being drunk and talking about their genitals. You know, FOR CHARITY. Video is here. There is some mildly NSFW talk, so headphones UP.