Best New Party Game 24: Ice Cream Movies!

There is nothing special about today. It’s just another step closer to the great tidal wave pouring over the mountains of our souls. (Oh jeez. Also, huh?) But for whatever reason, it does feel like we are just surrounded by bad news and/or the absence of good news. AND YET, at least from where I am sitting in the world, the sun is shining and the air is temperate and there are big, white puff clouds in the sky, like the kind that you would have been able to stare at for hours when you were a child and still had the capacity for and free time to satisfy yourself by doing something simple like stare at clouds for hours. Let’s end this day with a return to that youthful exuberance! Let’s end this day with a stupid wordplay game involving ice creaaaaaaaaaamm!

The name of this game is “Ice Cream Movies.” It takes only a few moments to learn, but a lifetime few moments to master. Here, let me just stand creepily behind you and put my hands over your hands and show you how it is done:

Ben and Jerry’s Maguire
The Bicecreamicle Thief
A Rum Raisin in the Sun
Waffle Conan The Barbarian

SWEET GAME! Get it? You get it. (The joke is that I think I need to lie down.)