Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” Video, You Guys

Whatever your opinions about Lady Gaga, it is always nice to feel like you’re part of the conversation, and she does seem to be the subject these days. So, “Alejandro” video, you guys:

Hey Lady Gaga, 1995 called, they want this video back!

What a good joke. You guys probably forgot about the “[blank] called and they want their [blank] back” joke construct, but I just reminded you of how good it is. So funny and clever. Seriously, though (another good construct, the “seriously, though” tonal shift construct) this video is so ’90s! Speaking of constructs! It would almost be surprising how much this plays off of lukewarm tropes, if a music video still held the capacity to surprise. At this point, the visual language developed by music videos is so quickly reappropriated into feature films and Super Bowl advertising that they are, as a medium, about as surprising as a Snickers commercial. That pre-rolls before a YouTube clip of a baby farthing. That being said, how mad is Madonna right now? Because this is basically Lady Gaga just straight up MURDERING Madonna, right? In just one video, she has basically reduced Madonna to a memory, and then absorbed that memory into herself, and now she can move on. Right? Right, college?

Maybe I am reading too much into this. Maybe this is just a surprisingly redundant music video for a catchy pop song from an artist who tends to avoid blatant redundancy and has lived in the long dark shadow cast by Madonna’s desperate skeleton-face-and-also-arms legacy. Maybe this doesn’t say anything about pop culture’s need to consistently subsume and then excrete and then bury the past. Besides, who DOESN’T wear a machine gun bra these days?