Videogum Video Pizza Party: 2010 MTV Movie Awards

As a human being living on planet Earth in 2010, I’m obviously riveted to my television tonight to see how the MTV Movie Awards turn out. It just feels IMPORTANT. And most of all, I can’t wait to see who wins the award for “Funniest Fart”! The MTV Movie Awards always has the coolest and most relevant award categories that just seem like the best way to acknowledge and celebrate art, you know?

OK, obviously, I am having a little bit of sarcastic fun at the expense of the MTV Movie Awards. Because our nation is at war, the Tea Party is a real thing, millions of people have lost their homes, and oil is pouring out of a hole in the ocean. A HOLE IN THE OCEAN! Even if we recognize that the division between pop culture and international humanitarian and ecological crises is well-drawn, and that it actually is important to maintain this division in order to maintain one’s sanity in a collapsing nightmare world spinning dangerously out of control into the cold indifference of infinite space, we can also admit that this is just SILLY. But when things are so silly, it is important to have fun with them! So let’s watch this trifle unfold! Please follow us @videogum for up to the minute jokes about Taylor Lautner’s acceptance speech for “Best Boy Wolf In a Drama,” and share your thoughts and feelings right here in the comments. Sway! Snookie! Zach Galifianakis! Tom Cruise! Hollywood is a fucking mess!