The ‘Gum Bowl: The Championship Match

First, you met the bowlers as they met each other. Then you enjoyed the riveting first round matchups.

Now, in the penultimate video from last week’s highly successful ‘Gum Bowl event–and how sad will you be when the world no longer holds the promise of another video from last week’s highly successful ‘Gum Bowl event? But don’t even worry about that because there are still days, literally entire days, before that day–we get to see who is on top and who is on bottom now in New York’s Most Important Musician-Comedian Blog Bowling Tournament for Charity of 2010. Will it be Team Not Seattle Team Strike Force (Gabe Delahaye, Max Silvestri, Marnie Stern, Jemina Pearl, Kip Berman) or will that noble and honorable band of true warriors be robbed and cheated from their rightful victory by Team Please Don’t Tell (Jon Glaser, Patrick Borelli, Dawn Landes, Doveman, Sondre Lerche), a crippled group of near-dead senior citizens with hearts full of bitterness at the dreams they now realize they don’t have enough time (life time) left to achieve? It could be either team that wins or gets completely robbed by cheaters. No way to know. Until you find out here.