Exciting Mystery: Who Is Gulliver’s Travels’s Target Audience?

Gulliver’s Travels trailer, you guys:

Snore. Is it just me, or does every trailer for a Jack Black movie now just seem like a fake trailer for a Jack Black movie in Tropic Thunder? That movie was pretty funny, and actually interesting and ambitious for a big budget Hollywood comedy, but I’m pretty sure Jack Black shot himself in the foot and/or face with it. “Don’t you get it, man, I’m playing an exaggerated version of my public persona.” Exaggerated, right. “They actually made my farts 1.5 times louder than usual for effect.” Got it. But, OK, here’s a question: WHO THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE FOR?

At first glance you would think that a Jack Black movie based on Gulliver’s Travels in which he plays a building-sized clown in a world of thimble-sized Jason Segels would be for children, and that would be fine. Children need to watch something in between crying jags. But 3/4 of this trailer is actually about how Jack Black is stuck in a dead-end job and harbors dreams of being a travel journalist in order to have sex with Amanda Peet, all of which are distinctly ADULT themes. If there is one thing that children do not give an F about it is harboring dreams of being a travel journalist. And having sex with Amanda Peet. So this movie is for grown-ups? Cool grown-ups. I would definitely like to meet those grown-ups. And take their Adult Licenses away. “You need remedial adult training.”

Based on the evidence at hand, my guess is that this movie is for no one.