Bruce Willis Vodka? Bruce Wills Vodka.

This is a terrible advertisement for what is probably a middling vodka. I mean, I’m no Professor Vodka, so maybe it’s great vodka. I just kind of expect Bruce Willis to invest in a controlling stake of middle-of-the-road vodka. Dan Aykroyd style. “Instead of putting my run-of-the-mill vodka in a bottle that’s shaped like a crystal skull, I’ll just mumble some self-involved nonsense about it in an ad that looks like an undergraduate film student’s final project.” You know that he and Diddy were sitting around the waiting room of some alimony lawyer’s office, and Diddy was like “you’ve got to get a vodka, Bruce Willis,” and Bruce Willis was like, “I don’t know if I have time to get a vodka. I’m trying to get the old blues band back together.” And Diddy was like, “I didn’t know you were in a blues band,” and Bruce Willis was like, “Yeah, I’m really passionate about it,” and Diddy was like, “That is hilarious.” (Via Vulture.)