“Who Are Your Seven Evil Exes?” — Some Other Blog

The first full-length trailer for the new Michael Cera vehicle, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, based on the comic by Bryan Lee O’Malley, directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) was posted on-line this weekend, you guys:

For a split second you could feel the world shift as all the nerds nodded in unison. And why not?! It looks fun enough. Besides, wait for Michael Cera to not be so Michael Cera-y in one hand, and do something more likely in the other hand, and see which hand has more metaphor in it before the other hand. (Huh?)

Now, if this was some other blog, we would do a post titled “Who Are Your Seven Evil Exes?” and it would be an opportunity for everyone to share romantic horror stories in the comments. I suppose we would also have a sample list, as is the custom, filled with stock photography and dating archetypes. “The Bitch,” “The Party Girl,” etc. And hopefully it would get picked up by Digg unless had already done it first. But this isn’t that other blog. This is this blog. So we’re not doing that. Sorry.