The 16th Summer Jam Of 2010: ICP “Miracles” Performed By Look At The Fields

Obviously, Insane Clown Posse is more than just hilariously ridiculous lyrics about magic magnets and pelicans eating cellphones, it’s also the childlike inability to rap, and the adolescent obsession with identity-hiding clown makeup, and the generally cavalier attitudes towards rape and murder. But you have to admit that hearing this song in the gentle shoegaze tones to which you might find yourself more accustomed makes the whole thing a little less make-funable. I have a feeling a lot of people are hearing this and are like, “whoops, turns out I love the song ‘Miracles’ kind of.” It’s OK. Mysteries ARE all around us. And the miracles, the magic miracles. NOW LET’S GET READY TO BARBECUEBALLLLLLLL! (Thanks for the tip, paperstreetsoap.)