Nicolas Cage Is A Clown





If there is one thing that I have noticed in the run up to this summer’s highly anticipated (LOL) The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, it is that people have been saying “I’ve not seen him play a sorcerer, that seems odd for him.” That is definitely a thing that I have heard A LOT, not to mention THOUGHT MYSELF. Almost constantly, really. It’s been hard to get any work done since the trailer came out, because I just haven’t seen Nicolas Cage play a sorcerer before and it seemed odd to me. Most movies about sorcerers feature people who have already played sorcerers in other movies (?), which is why it doesn’t seem odd for them. But he hadn’t played a sorcerer before, so we were all like, whuuuuuut? That’s so odd for him! So it’s cool to hear that out of all the characters he has played, this is the one that he felt TOTALLY COMFORTABLE with. I mean, it makes sense. HE LOOKS COMFORTABLE. He definitely looks like he did not sweat it on this one. He also looks like he still doesn’t have any friends. (On that note: please no one tell Nicolas Cage that EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD has an imagination and pretends to be an astronaut, even those who have plenty of friends and that having friends and having an imagination are not mutually exclusive. It would just break his ridiculous heart.)

Incidentally, I’m referring to Nicolas Cage as The Submarine Captain from now on. (Thanks for the tip, Jay.)