Duh Aficionado Magazine: Chris Brown Can’t Do Anything Right

NSFW music video for Chris Brown’s song “No Bullshit,” you guys:

“Hey, Chris, in the past year and a half your career has basically imploded after you beat up your famous girlfriend in a parked Ferrari after the Grammy Awards and then fled into the night. Since then, you’ve made a series of gaffes, including waiting six months to issue an apology, treating your court-ordered community service as a joke, and then delivering a laughable mea culpa on Larry King in which you claimed to take responsibility and then proceeded to dodge responsibility through the entire interview. So here is what I’m thinking, dude. For your new video, let’s have you dressed as a cat burglar and singing about condoms, intercut with graphic images of you having sex with a woman who is not Rihanna. People definitely want the brooding, sexy, dangerous, borderline-violent, possibly criminal Chris Brown back. Even more importantly, they definitely want to see that YOU have MOVED ON, because what is important in all of this is that you are GETTING LAID. This is just going to be awesome and definitely restart your whole career for sure, no doubt.”

–Someone who has no idea what they are talking about, advising Chris Brown on this video (Via Idolator.)