Teen Korner: Our Bodies Our Werewolves

Oh snap!

Listen up, dudez who truly believe they will see a female President of the United States in their lifetime and are ready for that day to come, and gurrrrls who dream of being that President and won’t let a history of institutional sexism keep them from striving for that dream: I know that it’s tough to be a teenager these days, and that your bodies are going through a lot of TRANSFORMATIONS. Coke Zero! That’s why it’s important to explore the world of self-identity on your own terms, and take some chances while you’re young to really discover who you are.

Maybe you’re a real life werewolf! Schwing! I mean, you’re not. Werewolves don’t exist. You are a young adult, and it’s time for people to start treating you like one. You can handle it. But maybe you are a real life person who wears a wolf tail out the back of their jeans and a lot of eye makeup and tells everyone in school that you are a werewolf and has friends who do the same thing and you call yourselves a pack.

And maybe you live in San Antonio. And maybe you are in this news report:

Awwww yeah, teenagers are taking MAD INSPIRATION from the hit film VAN HELSING! That is definitely where a lot of this trend comes from. VAN HELSING IN DA HOUSE! High five, Wolfie Blackheart. I mean, HIGH PAW! Jelly bracelets. (Via TheDailyWhat.)