Winnebago Man: The Movie

Winnebago Man documentary trailer, you guys. NSFW language, obviously, so headphones UP:

This looks like a completely charming documentary. And it makes sense. Since we’ve got to make documentaries about everything, eventually those documentaries are going to be about Winnebago Man. Besides if there is one thing that documentaries love, it is characters, and Jack Rebney is definitely one of those. But the part where the dude gets super emotional and says “You start to think who is this guy, what happened to him,” made me laugh almost as hard as the original Winnebago Man video. Because, honestly, no offense to Jack Rebney, but no you don’t. You just don’t.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my camera battery is done charging and I am going to go find Grape Stomp Lady so that she can wave to college students or something. (Thanks for the tip, Joel.)