Flight Attendants For Christ Is Real

Sure. Why not? As the website says, “it’s not everyone that has the opportunity to be a Christian influence at 35,000 feet, but flight attendants do.” FACT. Although, I’m not entirely clear what screenplays has to do with anything? Unless screenplays is a Flight Attendants for Christ outreach program on behalf of the church of Restore Stephen Baldwin. In which case, got it. He would be perfect as Christian, teenage, Olympic hopeful, Shanalin Hart, in China Harvest.

Actual synopsis for an actual screenplay called China Harvest written by an actual Flight Attendant for Christ after the jump:

Olympic hopeful and Christian teenager, Shanalin Hart experiences a personal violation when her kidney is harvested after competing in the cup of China. Why was her kidney stolen? Was God telling her ice skating had turned into an idol? Should Shanalin hang up her skates or overcome her fears? Shanalin could have allowed her physical violation to defeat her dreams. She could have exposed the illegal China harvest against an American and caused an international incident. Instead, Shanalin chose to release her pain through the power of forgiveness, only then did she recover her courage to skate again. Unknowingly, Shanalin saved the life of her main competition and reconciled two estranged families from opposite sides of the world.

Oh wow. They better change the name of their church to Stephen Baldwin Wins All The Oscars For Acting For Christ, because this is going to be BONKERS. (Via RobertPopper.)