Operation Watch This U.K. Edition: Karl Pilkington’s Seven Wonders Of The World

Good news and bad news today, guys. The bad news is that this is my last day at Videogum. The good news is that I am moving to England! (For some of you, the words good and bad might have gotten reversed.) I just really want to see this new Karl Pilkington show, so the only reasonable solution is to quit my job, pack up all my belongings, put my puppy to sleep, and move to a foreign country for three months or however long I’m legally allowed to stay there. Must see telly!

Obviously, I wish I could stay. If only there was some sort of international networking system where computers could talk to each other, and you could turn television programs into computer data files and then, like, I mean, I’m just sort of making this up off the top of my head and I have no idea how this would even work, but like one computer could electronically send, or electronically mail, the files to another computer even if that other computer was in a different country entirely. Wouldn’t that be neat? Oh well. Maybe some day in the future! LUKE, I AM YOUR COMPUTER. Get it? Science. Anyway, goodbye! I hope this show* is worth it! (Via IWatchStuff.)

*Of course, in England, they call shows “lorries.”