Some Days You Have To Shoot A Snake In The Mouth With A Bazooka

You know how it is. Some days, you can simply shoot a snake in the mouth with a handgun and that will be enough. But some days you can’t get that snake’s head to come off without shooting it right in the face with a bazooka from about three feet away. And it’s not out of the question that you may have to burst through the wall on a motorcycle in order to get to that snake. The important thing, though, is that you do what is required. Maybe today is a handgun day. Maybe you can just roll off the bed and grab your handgun and take care of business. But maybe today is a bazooka day, and maybe the snake is guarding the door, so you better hold on tight and get that motorcycle going from a couple blocks away to build up speed because those bedroom walls are reinforced. Only use as much force as you need to, obviously, but let’s get going, you guys. Let’s paint, exercise, and destroy these snake faces!