Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin And The Heartbreaker

While the season finale of Saturday Night Live hosted by Alec Baldwin, with musical guest Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, certainly wasn’t the worst episode of the season, it was probably the most disappointing. It’s not so much that Alec Baldwin failed to prove himself, because as we all know, Alec Baldwin has nothing to prove. Not anymore. But for the show’s final send-off before the summer hiatus, with hosting duties in the hands of a salted veteran, it all just felt…BLAH. The show’s opening sketch about the oil spill was benign and blessedly short and didn’t even involve C-Span. And Alec Baldwin’s monologue was fine, whatever. And that was our show, everybody. I mean, the rest of the show just sort of dribbled out. It wasn’t awful, but it definitely wasn’t very good.

These are the highlights, such as they were:

The return of Nasim Pedrad’s Bedelia character was good, although not as good as the first time. Sophomore slump! That’s OK, though, it’s still a great nerd I MEAN CHARACTER.

And the digital short was good. I guess the Lonely Island boys are prepping a second album? They love songs!

Personally, my favorite sketch of the evening was the advertisment for the Timecrowave. It was not necessarily Laugh Out Loud Out Loud Out Loud Out Loud Out Loud, but it was really clever and weird and complicated and also funny but especially those other things I said.

But while that was my favorite sketch of the night, the highlight was probably Weekend Update, which has really been phenomenal all season long and a regular source for the evening’s best jokes and characters. This week was no exception, as they brought out some of the best to close out the season, including Garth and Kat:

And Stefon:

And…that was the show. I mean, there were lots of other things that happened, but they were all kind of bland and unnecessary. Alec Baldwin is probably just saving up the good stuff for his work as the voice of WQXR’s New York Philharmonic This Week program.